"This site was originally created because of my difficulties as a military social worker stationed overseas.   Locating information about facilities and making referrals took weeks, often months.  Having been in the position, for twenty years, of referring military families to CHAMPUS/TRICARE facilities I know the importance of providing extensive information about facilities and direct communication links to speed up the process of locating an appropriate facility.  This is especially important to families and military personnel stationed overseas."

Jack R. Smith
Major, USAF (Ret.)

TricareDirectories.com is a privately operated website, not  affiliated with the U.S. government.  The extensive facility information is provided by facilities interested in serving U.S. military families. These directories were produced in hard copy yearly from 1987 through 1999 then published on the internet beginning in 2000. This site was created by the undersigned, a retired military clinical social worker, to provide extensive information for military families which can not be found on the government site or anywhere else.  It has the added purpose of providing direct links to listing facilities' web sites and direct email links to speed up the process of discovery, comparison and choosing facilities by and  for military families.  This site has a direct link to the government Tricare regional site which has information regarding Tricare (but not  extensive information on medical facilities ).  Visitors are encouraged to use tricaredirectories.com in conjunction with the Tricare regional site, especially for locating extensive information on facilities accepting Tricare and for speedy communication with facilities.


Our primary target is the military family, both directly and through professional referral personnel such as Health Benefits Advisors, Social Workers, Psychiatrists, etc.

What we are doing that is unique is to provide listings of medical facilities with extensive information including direct links to Internet sites and email addresses.  The TRICARE site is terrific for locating network facilities by zip code, but the information is basic and limited to one or a few network facilities.  On our site you can search by state and view all the facilities that accept and welcome TRICARE and locate extensive information including active links to facility internet sites and email contacts.

Why is this difference so important?

An example will illustrate best:

Example:     A Health Benefits Advisor, a Psychiatrist and a military family at Ramstein , Germany are looking for a residential treatment center for a teen age son.  They have to get the boy out of the European area quickly so the family will have to find a new assignment where an RTC is available.  On TricareDirectories.com under RTC Section they can view all the states with RTCs, find several that fit their needs and send out e-mail enquiries regarding bed space, etc. (A parent about to send a son off to in-patient status can get a lot of reassurance from this procedure - not forgetting the positive quality of the son's involvement in choice).  Without concern for time difference between the U.S. and Europe, email can immediately begin the process of communication. (As a social worker overseas for over 9 years I spent a lot of time in the middle of the night trying to locate a bed space). 

 In this example you can substitute for RTC - a drug & alcohol facility, a hospital specializing in extensive body burns, a partial hospitalization program, an RTC with a closed ward (there are not many), a hospice for a family member with a terminal illness, etc.

 Tricare Preferred? 

We are currently  putting a symbol by the facilities that are Tricare Preferred -  .  We are inviting Tricare Preferred Providers to list.  Eventually we'll have the providers who are current, accepting new patients and the ones who are strongly interested in serving military families.

TricareDirectories.com, a privately owned site, is maintained on the internet as a not-for-profit service to U.S. military families and their referral professionals. The site is supported, in part, by medical facilities listings. The site continues to be subsidized by Anmark Publishers, now owned by Mark Smith, and by volunteer labor. The directories are kept current on a daily basis from information provided by The Colorado Foundation for Medical Care, Tricare Facility Certification Department, Aurora, CO, and Tricare Management Activity, CO.






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